Onboarding a broad co-investor program with Lars Egelstig

Onboarding a broad co-investor program with Lars Egelstig

May 6, 2024

May 6, 2024

May 6, 2024

co-investor Lars Egelstig
co-investor Lars Egelstig
co-investor Lars Egelstig
Hi Lars! You recently underwent an onboarding process for Nordomatic’s existing equity structure to Centi. We often receive questions regarding this process.

To set the scene, could you briefly describe your equity setup?

The main owner, Trill Impact, holds a majority position of the shares, while the remainder is held directly or indirectly by approximately 150 participants in a broad co-investor program. Various transactions have taken place over the years.

Can you please describe your experience of onboarding the broad co-investor program to Centi?

The experience was very positive. The team was fast-moving and responsive, enabling us to implement the platform and send out a pro-rata offer to approximately 150 shareholders within a couple of weeks.

As the CFO and the person primarily responsible for administering the Equity, what is your biggest pain point?

Administering pro-rata offers (where shareholders are offered the opportunity to invest their pro-rata share in a rights issue related to financing an add-on) and broader offers to new joiners.

If you could request any feature to have on the platform, what would that be?

I would like to have one super easily accessible tab (optional for us to include) that each individual shareholder can click on to see “what are my shares worth?"

That’s great input. Centi currently offers the ability to make valuations visible for shareholders, including exit valuations. However, this is configured by Centi Ops, and we’re working on including an on/off switch for Company Users.

Based on your experiences so far, would you recommend Centi to your peers?

Absolutely. I am convinced that using Centi will benefit me as a CFO (reducing administrative work), save costs (lower fees for legal advisors), and benefit shareholders by providing detailed information about their investments and consolidating all relevant documents in one place.

Thank you for participating in our interview series and choosing Centi as your provider - we are excited to continue supporting you throughout the ownership period!

About Nordomatic

Nordomatic is a leading independent partner for property owners in building automation focusing on “smart buildings” and energy efficiency with a presence in the Nordics, the United Kingdom and Benelux. Nordomatic offers full life-cycle capabilities for its customers – from new project integrations, retrofits and upgrades to aftermarket service and support. Its Building Management Systems (BMS) solutions integrate and manage a building’s heating/cooling, lightning, access control and security as well as fire control. The Company also sells a market leading intelligent system (“iBOS Energy”), enabling building energy cost reductions of up to 40% and helping users to meet EU climate and energy goals. For the past decade, the Company has embarked on an expansion journey making  +20 acquisitions to further strengthen its value proposition and successfully gain market share in the Nordic region as well as entering into the United Kingdom and Benelux.

About Trillimpact

Trill Impact is a pioneering Impact House with around EUR 1.2 billion in assets under management across its investment strategies, Impact Private Equity, Impact Ventures and Microfinance, with a team of around 55 experienced professionals based in the Nordics, Germany, Luxembourg and USA. Trill Impact aims to become a force for positive change through impact private investments, delivering Real Returns and Lasting Impact for the benefit of investors, businesses and society at large - encouraging others to follow. For more information, please visit: www.trillimpact.com

About Centi

Centi automates up to 80% of work related to equity management. Our platform - built on the latest tech stack - enables Private Equity backed companies to save time, increase compliance and reduce costs related to administration of their equity management workflows, including management of incentive programs and cap tables. Executing on equity transactions, handling contracts and keeping track of the company shares has never been easier.