Say hi to our new team member Per Thoresson 👋

Say hi to our new team member Per Thoresson 👋

Dec 6, 2023

Dec 6, 2023

Dec 6, 2023

Selfie of our developer Per
Selfie of our developer Per
Selfie of our developer Per

Meet our team: Per Thoresson

Introducing Per! 🧑🏻‍💻 Read about his role at Centi, his passion for Disco, and what he is excited about next.

Hey Per! 👋 What's your role at Centi, and what's the most exciting part of your work?

Hi! My role is a full-stack engineer with a focus on the front end, but what's most exciting for me is that the role offers so much more. I'm involved in UX and product development as well, which is great for me since I’ve always enjoyed doing many different things.

What’s your favorite thing about Centi?

The best thing is that we're a close-knit team, and everyone is doing their absolute best to deliver. Everyone is driven and extremely competent within their respective fields. We work efficiently and can make decisions quickly. It's also very flexible in terms of hours and location, which I enjoy. I’m actually going to work remotely from Mexico 🏖️ with Joakim in spring, which I’m really looking forward to.

How much do you know about Equity management by now?

I feel like I’m in the second valley of the learning curve, but things are turning around now, and I’m starting to get a grip on it again.

If your colleagues were to describe you in one sentence, what would they say?

I think they would say I’m good at thinking big picture and that I’m adept at questioning ideas and methods... let’s see when they ask me to question less.

We’ve heard you’re a big Disco enthusiast 🎵🕺, can you please explain this rumour?

I’ve always loved music and DJed a lot. It started with weddings, then I moved on to Techno, which I did for years. After a while, I got somewhat bored of it, then realised there is so much Disco, apart from the well-known hits, that everyone enjoys. To top it off, a friend asked me to DJ for her 30th this year, exclusively with Disco music. Since I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, I prepped way too much. So now that Spotify Wrapped was released, my chart was just different Disco genres, and almost all my listening was around the time of her birthday.

What's your go-to playlist or song that gets you through a busy workday?

I don’t really have one, I usually listen to different DJ sets on YouTube, but it can also be problematic when a good song comes on, and I need to find out the title and save it to my library.

If you could swap roles with someone else in the company for a day, who would it be and why?

I like product development, so I would switch with Jacob; I think the Product Lead would be fun. Plus, you would be sitting next to me at the office. Yes, exactly, that was implied! 😄

3 things that excite you right now?

I’m really excited for this automated structure chart feature that we are launching now. I’m also excited for next year, to grow, hire great people - and I hope we can keep this flexible work environment and momentum. Thirdly, I’m excited to come home for Christmas since I live in Amsterdam right now. 🎄✨

We are currently hiring! If you are interested in joining Per and the rest of the Centi team, please contact