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Your operating system for equity management

Automate processes, monitor every asset and audit efficiently with Centi, the only full service provider with a tailored software for PE Equity management.


Centi automates up to 80% of the work related to equity management

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Modernise your equity management
Save time & reduce costs

Free-up time and reduce external legal hours through automation
of equity management workflows

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Improve data security, reduce errors with automation and built-in validations and tests while gaining complete audit trail

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Own your equity data

Increase control of your data, enable monitoring and reduce dependancy from external advisors

“50% of our savings come from using a digital platform, while the other 50% is having Centi doing all the customisations and updates.”

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How Centi works

Process automation

Execute on equity transactions, create incentive programs, manage joiners and leavers in a secure and efficient way. Handling contracts and retrieving cap tables as well as legally compliant share registers has never been easier.

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Complete asset monitoring

Track every share for each entity in the entire fund structure, its owners and terms. Receive alerts when ownership changes and gain full view of the fund structure.

Efficient audits

Export equity management reports with complete audit trail and save time from consolidating ownership across fund structure. Download customised reports based on your requirements. 

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“The platform's reporting capabilities have provided us with valuable insights, enabling more informed decision-making in our equity-related activities.”

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Our current offering
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Build incentive programs, manage cap tables including security valuations, track vested shares and extract legally compliant share registers.

Corporate Governance

Send invites to AGMs and EGMs, monitor company information like board members, signatories, company address and more.

Contract Management

Automate contract management including collection of signatures.
Gain access to documentation directly in app.

Get compliant and efficient with Centi

Investment professionals spend excessive time on administrative tasks and coordination related to equity management. Today’s preferred tools are Excel, Word and PowerPoint, and files are shared with relevant parties by email. Errors are prevalent and monitoring is limited, especially for central functions at the funds. We are changing this.

Spend less time on administrative tasks with Centi
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